Amber B.

License: AZ #MT 21002

I love what I do and I am sure that you will too! Now just let me show you!

About Me:

  • I was/am a military brat and traveled all over the country – So I have much love for our military – My father is a retired Marine (Master Gunnery Sergeant)
  • My mother is my hero and best friend! She is the hardest worker I know! (I would have never been able to reach my goals without her help!)
  • I worked full time and went back to school when my daughter was 8 months old. YES- FULL TIME WORK AND SCHOOL AND MOM
    I thought about quitting many times! But I did NOT!
  • My Massage Training was a two year program followed by a proctored state board exam of over four hours! Ohio is no joke!
  • The day I passed my Ohio State Board Exam was the 2nd happiest day of my life! My daughters birth being the first.
  • I am duly licensed in massage therapy- AZ Massage Board and Ohio State Medical Board
  • I moved from Ohio to AZ almost five years ago just me and my daughter.
  • Did I mention I never even had been to the state before! I did not even know ONE person when I moved here to cottonwood.
  • I left my full time position at VVMC in December 1, 2017, to pursue my love of massage. Took my part time office to a full time massage studio to serve all of you beautiful people in my community!
  • Why tell you all these things – Well I am not special – I don’t have any superpowers – To show you how dedicated I am to you, our community and my business here. Massage Therapy is my passion. Perhaps to show you that you too can to do amazing things if you put your mind to it along with hard work!
  • Hard work does pay off I am living proof of it!

“If your dreams don’t scare you they are not big enough!” ~Ellen Johnson Sirleaf~

~Dream Big My Friends~

Amber Brandt, LMT (AB)