Heart of the Desert, Beauty and Fitness

  • Skin Tightening~Warm Cold Fusion Plasma AKA “Fire & Ice”, Plasma Pen Fibroblast, Nano & Microneedle Mesotherapy, Jet Plasma
  • Body Sculpting 
  • Plasma & Mesotherapy hair growth and restoration.

With the intention of happiness and healing,, I provide anti aging, beauty, and cosmetic services at the Cottonwood Collective. I am also a yoga, fitness and dance / pole dance instructor and participant. 

Jennifer Lukus of Aphrodite of the Desert got me interested in the youth restoring magic of plasma fibroblast in 2020 after having a baby at 42 made my heart and home full, but my skin needing my care. 

I received my first of many plasma trainings in January of 202. I have spent much of my time since obsessed with perfecting my skills so I can honor the trust my clients put in me, so that the face they show their loved ones and the world is one that makes them happy.

All treatments I provide are thoughtfully chosen with my goals of “Restore, Maintain,Enhance” at the forefront.

I am a proud “‘Zonie” 6th generation. My great grandfather moved to Phoenix as a child who was then orphaned but still thrived. His wife, my great grandmothers family, had been here for three generations. 

With everything I do professionally and personally my goal is to leave the same kind of legacy to my community as my family did by doing my job with excellence in mind. 

I am a mama, wife and dog lover and love living in the Verde Valley, the prettiest place in the world.

In 2023, I married my best friend and together we have six children. We love to go to the river, cook, walk our dogs, travel, and he is a wonderful outdoorsman.

“You have no responsibility to save the world or find the solutions to all problems—but to attend to your particular personal corner of the universe. As each person does that, the world saves itself.’”


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